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Are You Prepared
Are You Prepared

This book will help you to discover the reason for sex from a holistic perspective and why you should stay off sex from a holistic and genuine view.

Able Kopa
Able Kopa

With the increasing rate of unemployment among graduates in the world and specifically in Nigeria; it becomes evident that there is a dare need to encourage and inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the mind of every undergraduates early enough. Also, to give them a sense of purpose while serving their fatherland.

Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose
Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose

It is not news that most people on Planet Earth today are living without a sense of purpose. While some started out in life living out their purpose but during the journey of life they became distracted by other distractions in life. These distractions in life gained their utmost attention, while their purpose is left in the hand of fate.